Greece: Syriza comes to power, as old ruling parties collapse

Interview with Andros Payiatsos from Xekinima, the Socialist Party’s Greek sister organisation What is the importance of the Greek election results? We can describe the result as of historical significance because it represented the collapse of the old forces that ruled the Greek political scene for decades. Also the rise […]

Blog from Athens: Paul Murphy on Syriza victory

The Greek people have spoken clearly by giving Syriza such a massive vote. They have rejected the horror and barbarism of austerity visited upon them by the Troika and the Greek political establishment. They have done so despite an incredible campaign of fear against them, which simply did not work. […]

Interview: Prospects of Syriza victory raises workers’ hopes

Mass intervention of working class to struggle for socialist policies is vital Interview with Andros Payiatsos, from Xekinima (Sister party of the Socialist Party) Last time we spoke you told us of the campaign of fear by the establishment to try and prevent people voting for Syriza. How has this […]

Towards a Syriza government?

Interview with Andros Payiatsos, Xekinima (CWI in Greece) At the end of last year a constitutional crisis arose in austerity-ridden Greece with the failure to elect a president. This triggered an early general election to be called for 25 January. Much to the panic of the capitalist class internationally, Syriza […]