After the Ceasefire: Israeli State Acts Against Palestinian Youth

The massive ‘Nakba’ mobilisations which took place around the world this month, and countless spontaneous mobilisations since then, suggest that Palestinian oppression is once again becoming an important factor in the radicalisation of young people worldwide. This is taking place at a time of increased opposition, among young people worldwide, to all forms of oppression as was previously expressed in the massive character and international spread of the fight against racism during the Black Lives Matter movement and in the fight against sexism.

Jerusalem Burns Again: What’s Really Happening in East Jerusalem & Sheikh Jarrah?

Police broke into al-Aqsa after the Ramadan prayer on Friday night. They fired stun grenades and rubber-coated metal bullets on hundreds of Palestinians. Simultaneously, the protests in Sheikh Jarrah, an East Jerusalem neighborhood, and the Damascus Gate, continued into the night, facing extreme state repression. 205 Palestinians were injured, most […]

Biden and Xi Escalate US-China Conflict

Joe Biden’s presidency, not yet 100 days old, has continued and intensified the anti-China policies of his predecessor Donald Trump. The president sums up his position in the slogan, “extreme competition”. Expectations in some quarters — including sections of the Chinese regime (CCP) — that the new Cold War between the superpowers would moderate after Trump left the White House have not materialised. Rather the direction is towards further escalation. This is what ISA warned before last November’s US election.