Protesters in the Lebanon

Lebanon: Economic Crisis, Covid-19, and the Rebellion of the Hungry

The lock-downs across much of the planet have put an end to the wave of massive street protests in countries such as Iraq, Algeria, Chile, France and Hong Kong in 2019. Lebanon appears be the first country to see the re-emergence of the masses onto the streets

How deep is the global depression?

The world economy is being shaken as never before. 2.7 billion workers around the world — 81 percent of the labour force — are under lockdown or travel bans. Hundreds of millions risk acute starvation. And yet, no one knows how deep or long-lasting the depression will be.

Sanders Suspends Campaign – Working People Need Our Own Party

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders announced that he was suspending his campaign for the presidency, effectively bringing it to an end. He was 300 delegates behind Biden and had a very difficult path to winning the nomination, but pulling out at this point has left millions of Sanders’ supporters deeply disappointed. They understand, as we in Socialist Alternative have argued, that this primary, like that in 2016, has effectively been stolen by the Democratic Party’s corporate establishment.

Corona Crisis in Gaza: Pandemic in Conditions of Siege, Poverty and Overcrowding

Emergency measures are needed to lift restrictions on the Gaza strip, so that all the necessary medical equipment and assistance can be delivered The 13-year long draconian blockade imposed on two million Palestinians in the most densely populated place in the world must end immediately By Uri Bar-Shalom Agmon, Shahar […]