Belarus: Election Fraud Spills out onto the Streets

At the time of writing, protests in Belarus against the obvious falsification of the results of yesterday’s Presidential election seem to be spreading, and are meeting with increasing repression.

Explosion in Beirut: Solidarity with the Lebanese People, Bring Down the Corrupt Elite!

The huge explosion that occurred yesterday evening in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, in the heart of the commercial port, has shocked many people the world over. It resulted in a large number of victims. Extensive solidarity was displayed on social media from various parts of the world, especially after photos and figures published by the media outlined the scale of the devastation, the hundreds of victims, the thousands of wounded and the immense material damages, including the total collapse of many housing, administrative and commercial buildings. Over 300,000 people have been made homeless by the blast.

Socialists Are Beating Jeff Bezos in Seattle — Again

Last year, Amazon spent unprecedented corporate cash trying unsuccessfully to unseat the socialists who had led the way on a Seattle big-business tax in 2018 and before that on the $15 minimum wage. While Bezos’s bullying efforts were ultimately successful in forcing the 2018 Amazon Tax’s repeal, he was roundly defeated by our working-class campaign last year when he attempted to drive me and my socialist City Council office out of City Hall.