Capitalism Kills: Build a Mass Struggle for Refugee Rights

This was mass murder. The horrific tragedy that unfolded on 24 November was predictable and predicted. Right-wing governments on both sides of the English Channel now point fingers at one another and play the blame game. They have even sickeningly tried to leverage the issue amid the growing tensions between Britain, France and the capitalist EU. But the truth is they are all guilty. Their whole system is guilty.

A Socialist Climate Action Plan — For a World on Fire

Introduction We face the biggest threat to humanity in history. It is beyond all doubt, as reaffirmed by the latest IPCC report, that we are in the throes of a devastating existential climate and ecological crisis, caused by human activity — or more accurately, human activity as it functions under […]

Full throttle towards climate catastrophe under capitalism

Levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are now 50% higher than at the onset of capitalist industry in the 1800s. Without urgent action, it will be 100% higher by 2060. At this point, the latest IPCC report predicts that the earth’s surface temperature will have increased by between 2.4°C and 4°C. […]