Myanmar: Interview with Khaing Zar, Leader of Myanmar Trade Union

Workers across the world have been inspired by the determined resistance in Myanmar to the military takeover and widespread repression that has followed. The working class has played a central role. International Socialist Alternative discussed the situation with Khaing Zar, a leader of the textile workers union and national treasurer of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar.

Peru: Pedro Castillo wins Presidential election

The deep economic crisis, the great social polarization, and the radicalization of the poorest sectors in Peru were expressed in the presidential elections with the triumph of the rural teacher and candidate for the ‘Peru Libre’ party, Pedro Castillo against the ultra-right neo-liberal candidate, Keiko Fujimori.

G7 summit – capitalist leaders maintain course for climate disaster

Every time the G7 leaders meet it is to discuss a range of hopeless solutions to an ever-growing mountain of crises that are being thrown up by capitalism. Before the first case of Covid-19 was even reported in 2019, G7 leaders nervously met in France to discuss how they might avert the deep economic recession that was – and still is – inbound. 

The origins of Covid-19: Lab-Leak or capitalist ecological crisis?

In the past month, the capitalist media in the US have shifted decisively in their reporting around the origins of COVID-19. This comes as President Biden has ordered a 90-day review by the US intelligence agencies of the likelihood that the virus originated in a lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.