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Capitalism and the care crisis

In 2022, Social Justice Ireland reported that the “working poor” had increased by 40% to 134,000, and that half of those households included a person with disabilities. Disabled people are twice as likely to be homeless. Despite these realities the government’s ‘Green Paper on Disability Reform’ proposes a tiering of people with disabilities. The purpose is to force disabled people off state payments and into unsuitable work.
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Can we save our NHS?

The NHS is in a deep crisis, marked by obscene waiting times, overcrowded facilities and rural communities deprived of emergency services. Both the Tories and Labour talk of "radical reform" to the healthcare system; a dogwhistle for further privatisation if there ever was one, threatening to destroy one of the greatest victories achieved by the working class in the UK. What has led to this point, and how can we mount a fightback to save our beloved healthcare system?
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Waiting list crisis: Fight to reclaim our NHS!

In April, Health Minister Robin Swann admitted that it could take 10 years to address the waiting list crisis in Northern Ireland. With the suspension and curtailment of many services, the Covid-19 pandemic had a massive impact on waiting lists. Even before this, however, Northern Ireland’s health waiting lists were amongst the longest in Europe, and the longest of any NHS region.