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Review: ‘Israelism’ – directed by Erin Axelman & Sam Eilertsen

The groundbreaking documentary Israelism follows the stories of two young American Jews, Simone and Eitan, who were raised with Israel at the centre of their Jewish identity. But when they witness the occupation firsthand, they decisively reject the Zionist narratives fed to them since birth and speak out for Palestinian liberation. The documentary, filmed in 2016, was released shortly before the current genocidal onslaught on Gaza, and has never been more relevant for understanding such widespread support for an apartheid state. The idea of Israel looms large in the upbringing of US Jews, in schools, synagogues, communities, families. Many young US Jews are taught that, in the words of one Jewish educator, “Judaism is Israel and Israel is Judaism.”
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Derry Girls: Laughter and tears of working-class life during Troubles

It’s fair to say that the Channel 4 hit Derry Girls, which was commissioned for a second series after its first episode, had us all in laughter and tears by the end of it. The series is set in Derry, a “troubled little corner of the world” as Erin puts it, with the backdrop of the Troubles. It follows a group of teenage girls and a “wee English fella” as they grapple with teenage angst and all the fun that comes along with it in the context of sectarian conflict and steeped in nineties nostalgia.
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Irish language abused by Orange and Green politicians

In the final days of the last Assembly Executive, before it collapsed under the weight the RHI scandal, the issue of Irish language rights re-emerged. The DUP’s Paul Givan announced a cut to the Líofa bursary scheme, which provides financial assistance to young people to attend Irish language courses in gaeltacht areas. With the sectarian line drawn, as expected, both the DUP and Sinn Féin lined up to take pot shots at one another, with the other 3 of the main parties sniping from the sidelines.