Defeat the millionaires’ Tory government

Far from being a strong government, May fears that, given the Tories’ wafer-thin majority in parliament, she could be overwhelmed by forced u-turns. In the first year of the government alone there were eleven, now – in order to try to prevent more – May has made the biggest u-turn yet. Having pledged not to call a snap election she has gone ahead and done so. This shows how capitalist politicians change the rules whenever it suits them.

Westminster attack: No to terror, war and racism

The horrific terror attack outside Westminster which left five dead and dozens injured was inspired by the reactionary Islamic State group. Being squeezed militarily in Iraq and Syria, they may seek to encourage more such attacks in Europe. Their aim is to destabilise society by creating an atmosphere of fear […]

Landlords profiteering off students

By Louise Meek Ninety percent of a Student Loan will go on rent for many students across London. Eighty-five percent of a Student Loan will go on student rent for many student across the rest of the UK. University Halls and private landlords deem that “affordable” pricing for rent is […]

Corbyn’s Victory & the Fight for Socialism

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election to the Labour leadership, the Socialist spoke to Sarah Sachs-Eldridge (National Organiser of the Socialist Party in England & Wales) about the lessons of the last year and how the fight for an anti-austerity alternative can be taken forward. Sarah will be speaking […]