McDonald’s strike: Organising the unorganised

For the first time ever, McDonald’s workers in Britain are be striking. The first day of this historic strike, on the 4th of September will see some of the worst treated, lowest paid and precarious workers taking on the notoriously anti-union McDonald’s at its restaurants in Cambridge and in Crayford, south-east London.

Britain: The battle for Labour’s future continues

The dramatic surge in support for Labour in the general election pulled the rug from under Corbyn’s opponents within the party. By conceding on the demand for a more radical manifesto, they believed they had provided Corbyn enough to hang himself.

No to terror, war and racism!

The UK recently experienced three horrific attacks in Manchester and London. Although devastating, the solidarity amongst Mancunians and Londoners showed the depths of human kindness. However, right-wing groups attempted to hijack innocent deaths to further their intolerant agendas.

Grenfell fire tragedy: Tories and landlords to blame

As the days pass from the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, it becomes clearer that, although the cause of the fire is as yet unknown, the speed and ferocity with which the fire spread could have been prevented if not for failures by the landlords and the Tory Party to provide the residents with safe accommodation.