Is this the end of the line for Johnson?

It is two years since the election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Far from delivering on his promises to usher in a new age of ‘levelling up’, Johnson’s repeated car crashes and blunders means his authority is reaching the end of the line. His reputation lies in tatters. Recent polls reveal […]

University strikes: Staff and students, unite for the future of education!

From 1st – 3rd December, academic staff at 58 universities across the UK – including Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University – will take strike action over cuts to pensions and pay, pay inequality, excessive workloads and increasing casualisation on campuses. On the basis of a faulty valuation of the […]


Sunak’s Autumn budget announcement was full of big boasts and brash spin. In a departure from the rigid fiscal orthodoxy that had characterised the budgets of his Conservative predecessors, rather than a list of cuts, Sunak preferred to make big play of a large number of (mostly small and all […]

National Insurance hike: Tories rob workers to pay private health fat cats

The Tories’ planned National Insurance rise is another attack on low and middle-income workers – many already struggling to make ends meet – from a government which shamelessly represents the super-rich. Using the Covid crisis as a pretext, they claim this tax rise is aimed at supporting the health service. In reality, it is part of their sinister agenda to undermine our NHS and allow it to be parcelled off to their big business friends.