National Insurance hike: Tories rob workers to pay private health fat cats

The Tories’ planned National Insurance rise is another attack on low and middle-income workers – many already struggling to make ends meet – from a government which shamelessly represents the super-rich. Using the Covid crisis as a pretext, they claim this tax rise is aimed at supporting the health service. In reality, it is part of their sinister agenda to undermine our NHS and allow it to be parcelled off to their big business friends.

Sharon Graham wins! Now build workplace power to win for workers

While an official announcement has yet to be made, multiple sources have now confirmed that Sharon Graham has won the election to become the general secretary of Unite the Union. Socialist Alternative members send our congratulations to Sharon, for whose candidacy we mobilised support.

Plymouth shootings: Capitalism, misogyny and Incels

People in Plymouth and across the country are shocked at the devastating and tragic mass shooting which took place on 12 August. 22-year-old Jake Davidson shot and killed five people – his mother Maxine Davidson, followed by seemingly randomly selected victims Lee Martyn and his three-year-old daughter Sophie Martyn, Stephen Washington and Kate Shepherd. He also injured another two people in the 12-minute shooting spree, before turning the gun on himself.


In a result which has bucked the current trend of elections in the trade unions, the left secured a victory in the UNISON national executive committee (NEC) elections by winning a majority for the first time. Despite UNISON being the largest union in the UK, organising workers in the NHS, […]