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Don’t let the Tories whitewash the Troubles!

The Tory government is attempting to end all prosecutions for incidents related to the Troubles – as well as civil cases and inquests – through the unilateral imposition of a ‘statute of limitations’. This has provoked serious anger among victims of both state and paramilitary violence during the Troubles, and […]

Billionaire space race: Shameless vanity projects in a world of want

It is a pity Jeff Bezos is only going to be up in space for three minutes. If he stayed for a few hours he would find out that astronauts are the only people with worse toilet arrangements than Amazon drivers. Reflecting anger at his hoarding of wealth and the […]

NIPSA General Secretary: Left victory but serious challenges ahead

For the first time in its history, members of the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) – the largest public sector union here – have elected Broad Left endorsed candidate, Carmel Gates, as General Secretary, winning 44% of the vote. This is positive, particularly given the right-wing challenge from Paul […]

PIP scandal: Kick out Capita and all profiteers!

Northern Ireland has been rife with public scandals over the past number of years, with the latest affecting some of the most vulnerable people in our society. This surrounds the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) scheme, which aims to provide financial assistance to those with long-term health issues or disabilities.