Author: Socialist Party

Engels, Marx & the “Irish Question”

A lesser known aspect of Marx and Engels’ work is their attention to events and processes in Ireland. his is reflected in Marx’s Capital, where he references the shirt factories in Derry and the effect their development had on the broader local economy. However, it was primarily Engels who studied events in Ireland. This was in part through his relationship with Mary and Lizzie Burns, working-class sisters who were part of the 40,000-strong Irish community in Manchester. KEVIN HENRY looks at this aspect of their work.

Australia: Massive YES vote to marriage equality

There was a huge turnout with 79.5% of eligible participants returning their surveys. Of those, 61.6% voted ‘yes’, in favour of marriage equality! That is 7,817,247 people in support of equal rights!

Hilary Coleman (1954-2017)

On 14th October 2017, our comrade Hilary Coleman lost her short battle with cancer and passed away peacefully at the Marie Curie Hospice in East Belfast with her husband Ciaran Crossey, her daughter Nicola and other family members at her bedside. On the 17th October, Hilary’s family, friends and comrades gathered to say farewell and to celebrate her life.