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Review: ‘Israelism’ – directed by Erin Axelman & Sam Eilertsen

The groundbreaking documentary Israelism follows the stories of two young American Jews, Simone and Eitan, who were raised with Israel at the centre of their Jewish identity. But when they witness the occupation firsthand, they decisively reject the Zionist narratives fed to them since birth and speak out for Palestinian liberation. The documentary, filmed in 2016, was released shortly before the current genocidal onslaught on Gaza, and has never been more relevant for understanding such widespread support for an apartheid state. The idea of Israel looms large in the upbringing of US Jews, in schools, synagogues, communities, families. Many young US Jews are taught that, in the words of one Jewish educator, “Judaism is Israel and Israel is Judaism.”
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Workers accept pay offers, but new battlelines ahead!

WORKERS in public transport, health, education and the civil service headed to the picket lines numerous times throughout the last two years which culminated in the largest public sector strike action across the North in a generation on the 18th January. Was this joint public sector strike the major turning point that forced the hand of the DUP to end their boycott? This was an important factor in doing so, but whilst the backdrop reason to the action taken fully laid the blame at the Secretary of State for NI’s feet due to the “punishment budget” he had set, public sector workers were acutely aware that they were being used as a political football to bring about a restoration of the NI Executive.
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Resignation of Humza Yousaf illustrates ongoing SNP crisis

The SNP is in crisis after Humza Yousaf was forced to resign, the second leader in just over a year to do so. He had only taken over in March last year after Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation and subsequent corruption investigation. The SNP have limped on in government since then but the decision on 18th April to scrap their legally binding climate targets of cutting emissions by 75%, alongside the decision to pause puberty blockers for under-18s, has imploded their coalition with the Green Party. Faced with two separate ‘no confidence’ votes from the opposition and the prospect of being a minority government, Yousaf chose to jump ship before he was pushed.
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Socialism 101: What do we mean by imperialism?

Today, the global political situation is dominated by war and geopolitical tensions. In recent months, we have seen Western powers supporting and arming a genocidal onslaught in Gaza and a complete inability or outright refusal of capitalist institutions to take any real action to stop Israeli war crimes. More and more people are realising that our world is not, as liberal politicians claim, based on a “rules based international order”. Instead, it is dominated by imperialism. But what do we mean by this?
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Southern Government in decline, desperately shifts to the right 

Southern Government in decline, desperately shifts to the right. Liz Truss lasted 50 days as Prime Minister in Britain and Edwin Poots just 21 as First Minister in the North. That is perhaps unlikely for Harris, but he definitely will not repeat Enda Kenny's feat – a lightweight leader, lacking in confidence, who reigned in Fine Gael for 15 years and as Taoiseach (prime minister) for six.