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Cass-tastrophe: Resist attacks on trans healthcare!

NHS England's decision earlier this year to prohibit puberty blockers for transgender youth ignited uproar within the queer community, raising serious concerns about the future of trans healthcare. The recent release of the Cass Review's final report has only exacerbated these fears. The review, characterised by its regressive and harmful approach, constitutes a direct assault on the rights and bodily autonomy of trans youth.
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Election in Britain – Tories in freefall but Starmer is no alternative 

The Conservative Party in Britain is facing a catastrophic election this year according to current polling. At the time of writing the Electoral Calculus “poll of polls” estimates the Tories keeping 90 seats out of their current 376. For context, the Liberal Democrats are set to win 50 seats. This would place the oldest and traditionally most politically dominant party of British capitalism as barely holding on to second place.
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In the face of repression Palestine solidarity protests erupt on US college campuses

On Thursday, 18 April, 108 students at Columbia University in New York City were arrested for setting up an encampment on campus in solidarity with Palestine, calling both for a permanent ceasefire and for the university to divest from any Israeli funding. Columbia and Barnard students set up the encampment on Columbia’s main campus on Wednesday, 17 April, in the early morning hours, with students saying they would occupy the main lawn on the upper campus until their demand for divestment was met. Many of the students who were arrested have also been suspended, and the University announced on Monday, 22 April, that classes for the rest of the semester would meet online rather than in person.
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Capitalism and the care crisis

In 2022, Social Justice Ireland reported that the “working poor” had increased by 40% to 134,000, and that half of those households included a person with disabilities. Disabled people are twice as likely to be homeless. Despite these realities the government’s ‘Green Paper on Disability Reform’ proposes a tiering of people with disabilities. The purpose is to force disabled people off state payments and into unsuitable work.
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Remember Brianna Ghey – mobilise to end violence against trans people!

The horrendous murder of Brianna Ghey is only the most recent example of the escalating violence against trans people. Amidst this, the Tory party & their media allies are very happy to demonise and ostracise trans people for political gain. Why does capitalism promote the hatred of trans people and other minority groups, and how can we build a movement to challenge it?
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Hyper exploitation and profiteering – the reality of “fast fashion”

The topic of Fast Fashion, which is linked to the exploitation of workers and environmental damage, is a subject frequently discussed among young people. However, can the Fast Fashion model be eradicated within the framework of capitalism? Saana Taussi delves into the unsavoury aspects of the fashion industry - characterized by misogyny, exploitation, and ecological destruction.
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Do we need landlords?

It is no wonder that so many young people today have a burning hatred for landlords. Thousands of people are forced to seek emergency homeless accommodation, and yet private landlords are raking in huge profits. Chris Stewart analyses the question, "Do we need landlords?"