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Trump withdraws for Paris climate accord

Tump has embraced the isolated voices of the global warming sceptics by pulling the USA out of the Paris climate accord. In his official announcement, Trump expressed a willingness to renegotiate an agreement that “is fair to the US, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers”.

March for Marriage Equality! People power can win change!

The gains made over the last few years, both North and South, show what can be achieved when we stand up and make our demands known. Progress has come about as the direct result of organised, mass campaigns involving ordinary people.

Grenfell Tower tragedy: concerns about safety were raised by residents

The fire at Grenfell Tower in West London spread with horrific speed and witnesses have described heart-rending scenes as residents attempted to escape. This is a terrible tragedy and there has naturally been an outpouring of sympathy and human solidarity with the residents and families affected.

Election analysis: Socialism or sectarian reaction

The stunning electoral upset delivered by Jeremy Corbyn on the basis of a radical, left platform has had an electrifying impact and is potentially a historic turning point. He has engaged a new generation of youth in politics and smashed the lie that socialist policies are unpopular.