Author: Socialist Party

Grenfell fire tragedy: Tories and landlords to blame

As the days pass from the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, it becomes clearer that, although the cause of the fire is as yet unknown, the speed and ferocity with which the fire spread could have been prevented if not for failures by the landlords and the Tory Party to provide the residents with safe accommodation.

Corbyn surge puts socialist ideas back on the agenda

The general election campaign marks a decisive turning point for politics in Britain.  When Theresa May called it, she had a 22-point lead in some opinion polls and Tory strategists were predicting a majority of up to 100 seats, allowing her to implement her austerity programme and negotiate a Brexit without the threat of being derailed by backbench revolts.

How Could Socialism Work?

Socialism is on the rise once again internationally as a new generation looks for an alternative to the inequality and injustice of capitalism. While Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn have popularised an idea of socialism in the 21st century, many questions arise as to what socialism actually is. Here Eddie […]