Youth campaign for jobs to picket bosses’ federation luncheon

Picket: Confederation of British Industry NI Luncheon11.30am Friday 8th OctoberBack Entrance, Belfast City Hall THE FACTS – The CBI have called for:£1.1 billion-worth of cuts to devastate our public servicesClosing of 450 schoolsCuts to the child benefit and winter fuel allowance

Youth Fight for Jobs spokesperson Paddy Meehan called on young people and workers to tell the politicians and fat cats that we demand jobs, not cuts to our services.

“Over 1 in 5 young people are out of work in Northern Ireland. The CBI’s proposals to massively cut public services, including the closure of schools and a moratorium on public sector recruitment, will push official unemployment up to an estimated 70,000 in Northern Ireland.

“Youth Fight for Jobs stands for massive investment into a public job creation scheme. This could provide tens of thousands with work, carrying out jobs like renovating social housing and expanding our NHS.

“Workers and young people didn’t cause this crisis. It was the bankers and the rich, represented by the CBI, who created the crisis and now they are asking us to pay for it. We won’t let this happen.

“Tell the fat cats and the politicians we won’t accept a future on the dole. We demand jobs now.”

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