“Why I’m striking”

“Pensions are deferred wages. Wages that we’ve put aside. It’s our money!

The 3.5% tax doesn’t even go into the pension funds, it goes straight to the government to pay off their deficit. The right to retire with dignity is an important gain, which was won by the trade union movement more than a century ago.

“I’m going on strike because being a low paid worker, one of the few things we have been able to rely on are reasonable terms and conditions and reasonable job security – all of this is now under threat

“I think the unions have made a mistake by agreeing to separate negotiations. The schemes are different but the principle of the attack is the same across the entire public sector. Last time the unions made too many concessions, union leaders say “negotiate, negotiate”, but there’s nothing to negotiate on. The only thing to do now is defeat this Government. Some of us are suspicious that they will make concessions this time, there is no room for concessions. Concessions were made during the last dispute – and now the Government are coming back for more.”

Kieran Molloy, Belfast City Council

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“Why I’m striking”

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