UPDATE- Venue of picket against health cuts changed!

New Location: Knockbracken Health Care Park, Saintfield Road9.30am, Thursday 25th March The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has changed the location of Thursday’s meeting of the Executive Board at the last minute from Knockbreda to Knockbracken Health Care Park. The Socialist Party has organised a picket outside the meeting to highlight and oppose the cuts being implemented by the board, and a petition will be delivered to the Chief Executive.

Pat Lawlor, West Belfast Socialist Party representative, said:
“This is a cynical move by Health Trust management, clearly aimed at cutting across members of the public attending our protest to voice their opposition to the cuts. We have received an excellent response in our campaigning work. There is huge anger among health workers and the community at the Trust’s austerity measures, which are cutting the service to the bone.”

“We will be going ahead with the protest to deliver our message loud and clear- these health cuts are rejected by the people of Belfast and are not necessary. And this picket will not be the end of our campaign. We have gathered further details of cuts the Trust plan to implement. We will do everything we can to highlight these cuts and continue to build opposition in the community.”

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