United mass action needed to stop all sectarian attacks

The Socialist Party took to the streets of Belfast today campaigning against the recent escalation in sectarian attacks in East Belfast. Below we publish the text of the leaflet which was handed to thousands of people. The stall was flooded with supporters who have been disgusted by recent events. A longer article analysing the attacks in East Belfast will follow shortly.

United action needed to stop all sectarian attacks

The intense sectarian rioting and shootings in East Belfast affecting both Catholic and Protestant communities must be resolutely opposed. Facing into a summer which threatens to bring further sectarian clashes, it is vital that working class people take a united stand and not allow the minority of sectarian bigots in both communities to get away with more attacks and shootings, creating misery for working class people.
Throughout the ‘Troubles’, on many occassions, working people took to the streets in their thousands against sectarian killings and succeeded in pushing back those forces intent on enflaming sectarian division. Throughout the recent clashes in East Belfast, the PSNI has failed to prevent attacks on both communities. The sectarian politicians have intervened only to inject their own one-sided sectarian interests.
These clashes have only served to deflect attention away from the massive cuts to jobs and services which all the parties in the Assembly Executive are beginning to carry out. It is workers, the unemployed and the poorest and most vulnerable which are suffering from sectarian attacks and the cuts of all the sectarian parties in Stormont. If sectarian forces were to succeed in significantly spreading and deepening clashes across the North, this would only serve to weaken the ability of ordinary people to fight the Assembly’s cuts as well as cause furthering suffering for ordinary families and communities.
The trade union movement and genuine community groups must respond to the threat of an escalation of sectarianism over the coming months by organising mass protests and if necessary strike action to bring Catholic and Protestant communities together in opposition to sectarianism.
Mass movement against cuts can tackle sectarian division
On June 30th more than a million workers across Britain will take strike action against the Tory/Lib Dem attacks on pensions. The trade union leaders here in particular have a heavy responsibility to organise workers and communities in Northern Ireland to fight the cuts of the sectarian parties in the Assembly.
By building a mass movement of ordinary people to defend hospital services, schools, jobs and much needed services, sectarian division can be confronted and the common interests of ordinary people, Catholic and Protestant, can come to the fore. Movements like this lay the basis for eradicating the poison of sectarianism.
The Socialist Party helped form the Stop the Cuts Campaign which is uniting communities and workers to fight the cuts and argue that those who are responsible for the economic crisis – the wealthy specualtors and bankers – should be made pay, not services and jobs.
Socialist Party – For workers’ unity
The Socialist Party unites ordinary people against the attacks on jobs, conditions and services of the sectarian parties and big business. We are opposed to the capitalist market system which has failed workers, the unemployed and young people and stand for a socialist alternative where the major resources of society are publically owned and democratically run and managed by ordinary people.
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