Ballymac Playzone – Cuts Underway!

Tommy Black, Socialist Party candidate for East Belfast, has today hit out at OFMDFM’s decision to provide the Ballymac Plazone childcare scheme with only 3 months of reduced funding.

Mr Black stated:
“It is extremely cynical for the politicians to provide the centre with only 3 months’ funding. They don’t want people to see the reality of their cuts before the election. The cut in funding has already seen the cost to the cost double for some parents! This just isn’t affordable for parents on low incomes. Already, some parents have had to cut back on sending their child to Playzone. The centre couldn’t even afford an Easter party for the kids!”

“It’s clear that the politicians aim to close the centre when the election is out of the way- they cannot be relied upon. It was the protest action by staff and parents blocking the road that got the politicians’ attention when the cuts first came on the agenda. To secure proper funding, a democratic campaign which links the workers with parents and the wider community needs to be built.”


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