Socialism 2010

A weekend of debate and discussion

6pm Friday 16th – Saturday 17th April
Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin

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The Socialist Party has organised this weekend around important issues facing working people today. Governments across the globe have intervened to bail out banks and big business. These bail outs have been at the cost of workers’ wages, jobs and public services such as health and education. This weekend will discuss why there is an economic crisis and is there an alternative to the cuts

The event will also deal with other important issues like the huge threat posed to the planet by climate change and the ongoing crisis in the Catholic Church as a result of the child abuse scandals.

We think anyone concerned about the policies being imposed and where they will lead, or what passes for politics in this country should attend this event.

To book your place from Northern Ireland contact the Socialist Party Office – 02890232962

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March 1990 anti-poll tax demonstration

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BA strike – An industrial dictatorship

“The strictest law often causes the most serious wrong.”

Earlier this evening British Airways was granted an injunction against a proposed 20 day strike by cabin crew. The decision was based on a technicality regarding the method UNITE used to inform cabin crew of the result of the ballot. This judgement has enormous implications for the whole of the trade union movement. For all practical purpose effective strike action that seriously damages the financial interests of the employer is now illegal. It was Tony Blair who once boasted that Britain had the most restrictive anti-trade union laws in the Western World. This judgement now relegates Britain below many neo-colonial countries in terms of trade union rights.

Visit airSTRIKE for up to date reports of the strike

Unofficial action forces Translink to retreat

“Anger is at boiling point”. This comment made by one of the workers at the Falls Road bus depot over the 70 job cuts proposed by Translink clearly sums up the feelings of many bus workers across Belfast.
Workers at the depot have been told there will be 28 job cuts from the engineering section by the 1st October. This is a cut of over 10% in one of the biggest employers in West Belfast.

Open letter to Conor Murphy, Minister for Regional Development


Traffic attendants win reinstatement victory

After sixteen weeks struggle and numerous ups and downs, Belfast’s sacked traffic attendants have finally reached an end to what has been a hugely important dispute for both the workers involved and the wider trade union movement.

The dispute started at the beginning of April when the traffic attendants were sacked for walking out of work on a half day protest against atrocious working conditions.  Their employer, NSL (formerly NCP), initially responded by offering to enter talks about the issues the workers had raised but instead quickly moved to sack the 26 workers accusing them of taking illegal industrial action.