Quinn Group workers must organise independently to save jobs

Workers need bailed out, not the bankers – Nationalise the Quinn Group The Socialist Party has reacted to today’s announcement of job losses in the Quinn Group by calling for “workers to immediately organise independently of the Quinn millionaires to fight to save much needed jobs.”  

Socialist Party spokesperson Gary Mulcahy warned that “unless an effective campaign is built to save these jobs, the local economy could see thousands more jobs disappear. Workers should have no trust in the Quinn oligarchs who have profited enormously over the years. As a result of the Quinn bosses greed for more profits, thousands of families now face a bleak future and the ruination of the local economy.

“A mass campaign of people power needs to be built. Workers should immediately organise within the trade union movement. Major demonstrations should be called to demand that the Quinn Group is nationalised. When it came to bailing out the banks, the Irish government showed no hesitation. Now the Quinn workers should demand swift action to bring the Quinn Group into public ownership and run democratically by working class people, not by greedy profiteers. The company is viable – it is the greed of the Quinn bosses which has caused this crisis – not the viability of the company. Workers must not pay the price with their jobs. The Socialist Party offers our political and practical support to Quinn Group workers in their fight to defend jobs.”


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Kazakhstan – Mass prison hunger strike against brutal regime

OSCE Chair presides over torture of prisoners – Protests needed urgently!

In the “strict regime” prison colony, AK159/6, in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, a collective hunger strike was declared by the prisoners in protest at alleged brutal beatings, the prison’s military regime and claims of ’frame ups’ of prisoners by the authorities. Starting with a few prisoners at the end of May, the hunger strike has now been joined by the mass of prisoners. Kazakhstan currently holds the Chair of the The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

A video, filmed on 28 May, shows the typical brutal treatment of one prisoner

’Stop the killing of demonstrators’

Lift the siege immediately!

Below is a translated and a slightly edited statement posted earlier today (31/05/2010) on the website of Tnua’t Maavak Sozialisti / Harakat Nidal Eshtaraki (Socialist Struggle Movement –the Committee for a Workers’ International in Israel) on the killing of peace protesters by IDF paratroopers early this morning.

Below we provide an initial response from Socialist Struggle Movement in Israel (CWI) following the killing of protesters during the IDF takeover of the international aid convoy, last night. We call on everyone to participate in demonstrations and protests.
Stop the killing of demonstrators, lift the siege immediately


Special needs summer schemes cuts overturned

In the opening battle against budget cuts in education, campaigners won an important victory by forcing education bosses to reverse their decision to slash summer schemes for special needs children.

In June, it was announced that the schemes were to be cut from two weeks to one and that special needs transport was withdrawn altogether. This vicious attack on children was answered by trade union members, who alongside parents and Socialist Party members, immediately mounted a militant campaign in late June and early July. A petition was raised, protests were held in Newry, Armagh and Lisburn and the campaign received good media coverage and public support rocketed.