Quinn Group workers must organise independently to save jobs

Workers need bailed out, not the bankers – Nationalise the Quinn Group The Socialist Party has reacted to today’s announcement of job losses in the Quinn Group by calling for “workers to immediately organise independently of the Quinn millionaires to fight to save much needed jobs.”  

Socialist Party spokesperson Gary Mulcahy warned that “unless an effective campaign is built to save these jobs, the local economy could see thousands more jobs disappear. Workers should have no trust in the Quinn oligarchs who have profited enormously over the years. As a result of the Quinn bosses greed for more profits, thousands of families now face a bleak future and the ruination of the local economy.

“A mass campaign of people power needs to be built. Workers should immediately organise within the trade union movement. Major demonstrations should be called to demand that the Quinn Group is nationalised. When it came to bailing out the banks, the Irish government showed no hesitation. Now the Quinn workers should demand swift action to bring the Quinn Group into public ownership and run democratically by working class people, not by greedy profiteers. The company is viable – it is the greed of the Quinn bosses which has caused this crisis – not the viability of the company. Workers must not pay the price with their jobs. The Socialist Party offers our political and practical support to Quinn Group workers in their fight to defend jobs.”


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In the vast acreage of print devoted to last week’s two political retirees, former parliamentarians George Lee and Deirdre de Burca, there was little recognition of the real lessons which are, that personality politics holds nothing in the way of a solution to either our economic or political problems and secondly that ordinary people should not put any faith in establishment political parties or politicians.

For some the spectacle was highly amusing. As the air thickened with recrimination between the pair and their political parties, for some reason the writer Flann O’Brien came strongly to mind. Perhaps it was that I remembered reading that his fractious relationship with his political masters caused him to resign amid, it was said memorably, ‘a cacophony of f**ks.’ Or maybe it was a subconscious association of the departees with the title of one of his famous books, ‘At Swim Two Birds.’

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Taken from Socialist View October 2008

The wave of nationalisations and part-nationalisations of banking systems sweeping country after country as a result of the meltdown of the world financial system is hugely significant.

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Demonstration Saturday 23rd October – 1pm Arts College Belfast

“We have to accept there are difficult times ahead”, “tough decisions have to be made”, “everyone accepts cuts are necessary” - this is the mantra we are being bombarded with from all sides; from the big business media, all the main political parties and the bosses’ organisations. They say that we’re all in this together, and that we all have to make sacrifices to deal with the public deficit.


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The decision to deploy military aircraft and naval vessels to join the UN action to implement a no-fly zone in Libya has been condemned for "spending millions of public money to defend the interests of oil companies while public services are cut to the bone at home".