Public Meeting – Capitalism fails the environment

Fermanagh Public Meeting
Copenhagen Climate Summitt:
Capitalism fails the environment
What is the socialist alternative?

Speaker: Paddy Meehan, Socialist Youth Organiser

Hosted by Fermanagh Socialist Party & Socialist Youth

3pm Sat 20th February
The Clinton Centre, Enniskillen

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Copenhagen Climate failure exposes failure of the profit system

The UN’s Copenhagen climate summit has failed to deliver any significant response to the rising threat of global warming. This is unsurprising given recent history of such events, with most industrialised countries currently failing to meet even the grossly insufficient targets agreed at Kyoto back in 1997. This further demonstrates the inability of capitalism to solve the key problems facing the world today.

Fight the cuts! Unions must call major demo

A massive 20,000 public sector jobs in Northern Ireland face the axe as a result of the cuts contained in the Tory/Lib Dem “emergency” Budget announced in May, according to economists.

The impact of these cuts will be devastating for the North, given the dependence of the economy on the public sector. The public sector accounts for 60% of the economy. Hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs rely on the public sector via contracts and the spending power of public sector workers.