Protest against cuts at Belfast Met



3.30pm Millfield Campus, Belfast Metropolitan College Monday 7th February

Lecturers, staff and students will be protesting against savage cuts at Belfast Met on Monday 7th February where management will be meeting union reps. According to Stop the Cuts Campaign spokesperson Pat Lawlor “Management are proposing to sack 82 FTE lecturers, 43  curriculum managers, 31 support staff and 150 agency staff. 93 hourly paid lecturers have already been laid off and over 20 others are to be transferred to another employer. That’s nearly 450 jobs lost! Teaching time to students is to be cut by 33%.

“This represents a vicious attack on workers, students and access to education for thousands of people at a time when unemployment continues to soar. These cuts will make the employment prospects even worse for young people and must be opposed by the entire community. The Stop the Cuts Campaign is appealing on everyone who supports education to join the protest and support this campaign to save jobs and services at Belfast Met.


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