Phoenix Gas Price Hike: Nationalise the Utility Companies!

Tommy Black, East Belfast Socialist Party candidate, has labelled the 39% price hike by Pheonix Gas “disgusting” and called for major utility companies to be brought in public ownership Mr. Black stated: “This price hike is a disgusting assault on working-class people. It will push the average domestic gas bill to over £580 a year, at a time when families are under huge financial pressure. Northern Ireland already has the highest rates of fuel poverty in the UK.”

“This price increase is a direct result of privatisation. The only thing these energy companies are concerned about is protecting their profits at the expense of workers struggling to make ends meet. Over the last 2 years, Phoenix Gas made a pre-tax profit of £20.6 million.”

“The only way to provide affordable gas and electricity is to bring these companies back into public ownership, and run utilities democratically in the interests of ordinary people, not profit.”


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