Paddy Meehan for the Assembly and Belfast City Council

Paddy Meehan is a young call centre worker and a prominent campaigner in South Belfast. In 2009 Paddy played a key role in organizing residents solidarity protests which stopped racist attacks against Romanian families on the Lisburn Rd. Paddy was able to unite the entire community to stand up to racist thugs and uniquely demanded action from the politicians to solve the burning issues of housing and unemployment in South Belfast which fuels sectarianism and racism.

Paddy has organized many campaigns in South Belfast such as the anti-water charges We Won’t Pay Campaign, Youth Fight for Jobs, and has played a leading role in Northern Ireland Students Assembly protests against tuition fees and cuts to Education Maintenance Allowance.

Paddy told “Young people have very little future if the policies of the main parties are implemented. Their cuts will destroy thousands of jobs and vital public services which the most vulnerable rely on. People have an opportunity in this election to send a message out to the main parties that their cuts will be fought. That is why I am standing in this election.

“Instead of voting to increase domestic rates on Belfast City Council and at the same time make cuts to council services, I will stand firmly on the side of ordinary people and seek to build a united opposition against the main parties cuts.”


Paddy is standing for Belfast City Council in the Laganbank ward

Paddy is also standing for the Assembly in South Belfast

If you would like to assist in Paddy’s election campaign contact 07598501040


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