Nursing home cuts – “ inhumane and outrageous”

The decision by the Western Health Trust to cut nursing home places “is a direct attack on the elderly and the vulnerable” according to Domhnall O’Cobhthaigh, Fermanagh Socialist Party representative.

“A BBC report has indicated that there is serious rationing of nursing home places by the Western Health Trust – this means that every month only 2 new nursing home places in the entire Western Region are to be offered to elderly people who need them. The decision means that patients cannot be given nursing home places despite the fact that the Trust has empty beds to accommodate them.”

“Elderly people who have worked all their lives and who have paid tax and national insurance are treated appallingly. Some are sent home to die to save money; others are forced to live with only 15 minutes support a day when they need much more. Families already struggling with the consequences of the economic collapse are being forced to look after sick and highly-dependent relatives.”

“The consequences of this inhuman approach are outrageous. At the same time, cuts have forced the Trust to reduce care packages for elderly or sick people in their homes and those that receive care get a completely inadequate amount. The consequences are that elderly people are being queued up in the Erne Hospital and blocked needed beds there.

Assembly Executive responsible for cuts

Mr O’Cobhtaigh blamed the Assembly Executive for the cuts “This report brings home the real impact of the ‘efficiency’ cuts that were unanimously agreed by all the Assembly Executive four years ago. And they will seem paltry to the cuts that are coming in the near future.

“The cuts which the Assembly Executive is carrying out should be met with an organised opposition from local communities, workers, the unemployed and young people. The politicians should be told to go after the rich and the bankers and make them pay instead of carrying out cuts to crucial services.”

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The fourth-quarter dip (a 0.5% fall in GDP - gross domestic product) reflects the fragility of British capitalism's 'recovery' from a deep recession. It comes even before the Con-Dem government's savage spending cuts (£81 billion) and tax increases (£33 billion) begin to bite.

Among experts and the broader public, there are growing fears of another downturn, a dreaded 'double dip'. Even the government's friends are calling on chancellor George Osborne to come up with a 'plan B'.

Decisive action can defeat this government

The very successful lobby of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Manchester, organised by the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN), points the way forward for the trade union movement in the looming conflict between the organised working class and the brutal Con-Dem government.

Nigeria on a cliff edge

Sharp working class policies and strategy needed to prevent total ruin

Socially and economically, Nigeria appears set for a rapid race into a bottomless pit. Presently, the impact of several years of pro-rich, anti-people policies adopted and embraced by both the military and civilian sections of the capitalist ruling elite has now driven Nigeria to the brink of an unimaginable social and political disaster. Economically, the sharpest expression of this disaster is the continued and deepening mass poverty, in the midst of abundant resources, with only a tiny proportion of the population (i.e. the top politicians, state officials and their capitalist allies) wallowing in stupendous, but needless, personal wealth.

Swastika graffiti on migrant homes in Holylands condemned

Anti-racism campaigner calls for community to stand together against racism

The appearance of racist graffiti on homes of migrant workers in the Holylands area of South Belfast has been condemned by an anti-racism campaigner.

Paddy Meehan, who organised a community solidarity protest against attacks on Romanian families in South Belfast in 2009, claimed
“Several homes have been targeted with racist graffiti in the Holylands area. Swastikas and slogans such as ‘Pakis Out’ are aimed at intimidating migrant workers and ethnic minorities in the area. If these racists are allowed to continue this unacceptable behaviour people will begin to fear for their safety.