May Day 2010

MAY DAY 2010
March Against Cuts and Privatisation! March for a Working Class Alternative!
March with the Socialist Party!

Assemble 11am, Sat 1st May, Writers Square, Donegall Street, Belfast

The annual May Day march organised by the trade union is taking place in Belfast this Saturday. May Day is an international celebration of the struggles of the labour movement. Trade unionists and working-class activists come together from across the North in the largest annual workers’ demonstration.

The Socialist Party will be participating in the march and putting forward our alternative to the job losses, wage cuts and attacks on services which all the main parties in Britain and Northern Ireland are united around, determined to make working-class and young people pay for the bosses’ economic crisis.

The march ends at the Arts College Square, where there is a festival with music and a bar and the Party will have a stall. Come along and march with the Socialist Party!

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Queen Elizabeth and Barrack Obama: No welcome for war leaders


The Socialist Party is opposed to the visits to Ireland by Queen Elizabeth and Barrack Obama. €25 million will be spent wining, dining and protecting the Queen and Obama in a vain attempt to try to rebuild Ireland’s damaged reputation. The reputation of the Irish state was of course destroyed by the actions of the Irish capitalist class whose greed, corruption and unquestioning faith in the market has bankrupted the country.

Which way forward for the ’Occupy’ movement

This article was first published on October 28 on the website of Socialist Alternative, CWI supporters in the USA. One of the latest opinion polls shows that in the USA “59% either fully or strongly agreed with the ‘aims’ of Occupy Wall Street” (Financial Times, London, October 31, 2011)

“They’re all in this together” Fight their cutbacks

The massive spending cuts the new “Con-Dem” government will announce in June’s emergency budget will be the first stage of an unrelenting attack on working class people, sustained over years. Despite the veneer of opposition from some MLA’s, the local politicians are fully committed to implementing this Thatcherite agenda.

This will amount to a colossal re-distribution of wealth away from workers to bail-out the banks and big business and will “Con-Dem” us to a future of attacks on vital public services, job losses, pay cuts, reductions in state benefits and increases in the retirement age, amongst other attacks.


Unions must fight to defend every job

At the end of January, Arlene Foster, the Minister responsible for job creation, bickered about the devolution of policing and justice powers to Stormont while 350 manufacturing job losses in Belfast were announced. This was just another demonstration of the complete inability of the main parties to deal with the crisis facing working-class people.

Hughes Christensen, a drill-bit manufacturer which has been based in East Belfast for over 50 years, announced that it would be closing its doors with the loss of 210 jobs. This firm is hugely profitable, with $47 million handed over to shareholders in the last quarter of 2009. The company also received handouts worth over £5million from taxpayers’ pockets through Invest NI.