May Day 2010

MAY DAY 2010
March Against Cuts and Privatisation! March for a Working Class Alternative!
March with the Socialist Party!

Assemble 11am, Sat 1st May, Writers Square, Donegall Street, Belfast

The annual May Day march organised by the trade union is taking place in Belfast this Saturday. May Day is an international celebration of the struggles of the labour movement. Trade unionists and working-class activists come together from across the North in the largest annual workers’ demonstration.

The Socialist Party will be participating in the march and putting forward our alternative to the job losses, wage cuts and attacks on services which all the main parties in Britain and Northern Ireland are united around, determined to make working-class and young people pay for the bosses’ economic crisis.

The march ends at the Arts College Square, where there is a festival with music and a bar and the Party will have a stall. Come along and march with the Socialist Party!

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The DUP are refusing to take part in Pride. Their homophobia and bigotry was further exposed this week when Jim Wells (MLA) told Gay Pride organisers that, “I find the behaviour of those who take part in this march repugnant. I do not wish to be associated in any way with this event. My position on this will not change in the future and I would politely suggest that any further requests of this nature will be a total waste of your time.”

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