‘Lost generation’ forced on dole and excluded from university

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has warned that there is a “risk of a crisis legacy of a lost generation”. In the UK young people continue to be the hardest hit by the recession. The ILO figures chime with the analysis of Youth Fight for Jobs, that youth unemployment shows the depth of the economic crisis.

Paul Callanan, 23, unemployed and a member of the national steering committee of Youth Fight for Jobs said:
“A TUC report this week shows that youth unemployment is rising in 142 local authorities. The ILO figures confirm what we have been saying all along, that young people are being hit hardest by the recession.

“This year it is predicted that 170,000 applicants will not get a university place. Many universities have said that they are already full up and will not be taking any applications through the clearing process. Young people are being thrown on the scrapheap by this government. With cuts meaning less jobs in the public sector and 30% of private sector employers planning to shed jobs, many young people only have a life on the dole or one of the Con-Dem government’s ‘voluntary’ slave labour schemes to look forward to!”

Youth Fight for Jobs is organising a “We won’t be a lost generation” protest outside the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills at 4pm on Saturday 21 August, against being excluded from higher education and real jobs.

Youth Fight for Jobs, with the support of six national trade unions, including Unite and the PCS, will be campaigning to let this government know that we will not be a lost generation.

See website www.youthfightforjobs.com

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