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For real democracy – break the dictatorship of the bankers and bosses! Young people demand revolutionary changeThis is not democracy! Established politicians decide in the interest of the bankers and bosses over the future of billions around the globe. Putting the burden of their crisis on the shoulders of the mass of the people, they drive millions into a hopeless future made up of mass unemployment, ‘trash’contracts, low-paid jobs, squeezed services, reduced benefits, inaccessible education, soaring prices and police repression. What they call democracy is the brutal takeover by the “troika” of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union of Greece, Ireland and Portugal. This is their Europe, not ours!

We fight for real democracy, in Europe and internationally
The “real democracy”movement expresses the genuine aspirations for a society in which people have a real control over their lives, and are no longer at the mercy of a handful of ultra-rich “banksters” and corrupt politicians who hijack jobs, public services and living standards of millions just to increase their profits.

We have all been inspired by the revolutionary struggles in Egypt and Tunisia, which has put the idea of revolution back onto the agenda. Then the new wave of hope awaken by the “real democracy”movement which started in Spain has rapidly been echoed to one degree or another in Greece, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Britain and Poland.

The assemblies in squares all over Spain gave a lively picture of people coming together, discussing and making their own decisions for the future. The debates on the Sytagma square in Athens showed how Greek workers and youth have taken this up.

Assemblies in factories and workplaces, neighbourhoods, schools and universities are needed to continue the struggle and to build a powerful and united movement of workers, young people and the poor, democratically organised from below with a fully accountable, and removable, leadership. These can be linked together at local, regional and national levels. Therefore, delegates of these assemblies should come together – but always under the control of these assemblies and subject to recall.

These assemblies can be the basis of a struggle for real change in the interest of workers, youth, the unemployed and pensioners. A struggle that would replace the corrupt politicians living the lives of the upper class and disconnected from the majority’s concerns by elected representatives living on an ordinary worker’s wage.

Putting people’s interests rather than the profits of the bankers, bosses and rich as its main objective, a real democracy would use the wealth of society to end poverty, unemployment and the destruction of natural resources, put in danger by nuclear disasters or climate change.

Be part of the movement
The Spanish movement is mobilising on 15th June for a demonstration in Barcelona against the vote on the cutbacks in the Catalan parliament. The Madrid assembly calls for demonstrations in all European cities on the 19th June. The Greek movement is mobilising for a general strike on the 15th June and asks all participants to occupy the squares afterwards.

We call for international solidarity action on and around the 15th and 19th June:
■For real democracy – end the dictatorship of the bankers, bosses and their politicians. For a democratically planned economy putting the wealth of society in the hands of the millions not the millionaires.
■We are not commodities! Free health and education, decent jobs and contracts for all. Money for jobs & education – not for bankers, share the work without loss in pay!
■No to cuts, privatisations and redundancies! Make the big companies, the hedge funds and the banks pay for their crisis – nationalise these institutions under democratic control and management!
■Kick out the troika of thieves – EU, IMF, European Central Bank – from Greece, Ireland and Portugal!  This is not our debt, we won’t pay it!
■International solidarity against cutbacks, racism, unemployment and poverty. For international joint action including strikes and general strikes.
■For a Europe of the workers and the poor, not for the greedy capitalists!

Organise and support protests, walk outs, strikes and occupations – campaign for international solidarity actions on the 15th and 19th June, as a first step towards the building of an internationally coordinated mass struggle against austerity!

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CWI statement

Fighting to end capitalism and its crisis, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) sends warm May Day greetings to workers, youth and the oppressed around the globe.

May Day, the traditional day for celebrating the international struggle of the workers’ movement, this year takes place against the background of the revolutionary wave in the Middle East and Maghreb countries. This has shown the mighty strength of the working class starting to put its stamp on these developments. But also other countries, the US with the tremendous developments in Wisconsin and the mass movements for example in Greece and Portugal, show that the new wave of cutbacks is being met with growing resistance.