International Round-up

  • Egypt: Biggest demonstrations for 30 years stuns Mubarak’s repressive regime
  • Lebanon: Hezbollah-backed candidate appointed new prime minister
  • Tunisia: ’Caravans’ of the revolution converge on Tunis
  • Israel: ’Haifa Chemicals’ workers’ demonstration
  • China: Another suicide at Foxconn


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Peter Hadden’s writings online at Marxist Internet Archive

Socialist writings on Ireland and the national question

Peter Hadden, who served for many years on the Socialist Party National Executive Committee and held the post of Northern Secretary, as well as on the CWI’s International Executive Committee, sadly died last May. 2011 sees the welcome development of Peter’s many articles and pamphlets being posted on the Marxists Internet Archive (MIA - a widely-read site which makes accessible the works of a large variety of Marxist writings. 

Riots expose reality of sectarianism

Working class needs its own party

Fierce rioting erupted in Ardoyne after an Orange Order parade on 12 July and continued for three days. The period before, over and after this year’s Twelfth was also marked by rioting in other areas and a number of gun and bomb attacks. There was trouble across Belfast - including the New Lodge, Broadway, the Markets, Short Strand, Ormeau Road-and in Derry, Armagh, and Lurgan.