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  • Tunisia: Down with the Ben Ali regime!
  • Pakistan: Punjab governor’s assassination silences another liberal voice
  • Maghreb: Tunisian revolt spreads to Algeria
  • Ivory Coast: Tensions build
  • US: Primarying Obama?
  • US: Georgia state prisoners strike for human rights
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Review: Is Red Plenty possible?

The planned economy and the struggle for socialism (first published in Socialism Today)

Red Plenty, by Francis Spufford, mixes fact and fiction to describe post-second world war Russia. The author sets out to expose Stalinist mismanagement and authoritarian rule – and, by extension, any notion of socialist planning. Inadvertently, however, he also shows the great potential of socialism – if it were truly run under the democratic control of the working class. PETER TAAFFE reviews this fascinating book.

Justice for the sacked NCP workers

CHRIS O’KANE, one of the leading organisers of the sacked traffic wardens who are fighting to be re-instated spoke to The Socialist about their struggle.

“In April, 26 of us took part on a half day stoppage after our employer, National Car Parks, refused to deal with a mountain of grievances we had raised over months.