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  • Tunisia: Down with the Ben Ali regime!
  • Pakistan: Punjab governor’s assassination silences another liberal voice
  • Maghreb: Tunisian revolt spreads to Algeria
  • Ivory Coast: Tensions build
  • US: Primarying Obama?
  • US: Georgia state prisoners strike for human rights
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Peter Hadden’s writings online at Marxist Internet Archive

Socialist writings on Ireland and the national question

Peter Hadden, who served for many years on the Socialist Party National Executive Committee and held the post of Northern Secretary, as well as on the CWI’s International Executive Committee, sadly died last May. 2011 sees the welcome development of Peter’s many articles and pamphlets being posted on the Marxists Internet Archive (MIA - a widely-read site which makes accessible the works of a large variety of Marxist writings. 

Socialist Party Election Launch in Enniskillen

Donal O’Cofaigh launched his campaign at an event attended by supporters in the Westville Hotel on Thursday 14th.

The event was chaired by Ciaran Mulholland, treasurer of the Socialist Party NI, and speaking was newly elected Dublin North Socialist Party TD, Clare Daly.

Clare spoke about the economic crisis in the Republic of Ireland and how ordinary people had suffered as a result of the decision to bailout bankers, speculators and bondholders. She pointed to the need for working people to campaign against these cuts and the need for social solidarity.