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Below are a collection of articles on the crisis unfolding across the Euro-zone. These articles deal with the problems facing the PIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) as well as the future for the “European Project” and the main European powers.

They also discuss the future of the single currency, what options are left for the EU leaders and the coming “austerity” attacks which will impoverish millions across the continent.

Greece – A test bed for ‘austerity’ and resistance
By Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales) 16 June 2010

The European Union’s spiral of crisis
By Robert Bechert, CWI 6 June 2010

Will Ireland follow Greece
By Kevin McLoughlin, CWI Ireland, 7 June 2010

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Russia Hot summer in Moscow

Warm autumn likely to follow

Dozens have died in fires, hundreds have been arrested, thousands have drowned in the last month as the ecological crisis and the struggle against its causes find their epicenter in Moscow.

This summer has already seen 17 temperature records smashed as temperatures have steadily climbed from the high twenties Celsius in the middle of June, to the mid-thirties in July and now around forty degrees Celsius. Forecasters say this heat wave may last till September and may get even worse. Never have such temperatures been recorded in Moscow.

Solidarity Needed - Socialists brutally attacked after Moscow environment protest


Water charges need to be scrapped, not just delayed

Anti-water charges campaigners reacted to yesterday’s announcement from the Northern Ireland Executive that water charges are to be deferred for another year by calling for water charges to be scrapped rather than delayed.

Gary Mulcahy, speaking on behalf of the We Won’t Pay Campaign explained “It is disappointing that the NI Executive has only announced the deferral of water charges. This means that water bills will be sent to people’s homes in April 2010. People are already struggling to pay the bills with soaring increases in energy costs. Another bill in the form of water charges is not acceptable, especially since we already pay for water through our rates.


Swastika graffiti on migrant homes in Holylands condemned

Anti-racism campaigner calls for community to stand together against racism

The appearance of racist graffiti on homes of migrant workers in the Holylands area of South Belfast has been condemned by an anti-racism campaigner.

Paddy Meehan, who organised a community solidarity protest against attacks on Romanian families in South Belfast in 2009, claimed
“Several homes have been targeted with racist graffiti in the Holylands area. Swastikas and slogans such as ‘Pakis Out’ are aimed at intimidating migrant workers and ethnic minorities in the area. If these racists are allowed to continue this unacceptable behaviour people will begin to fear for their safety.


Peacocks,D12,La Senza & Ulster Bank...

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