Health Cuts Exposed

Assembly cuts responsible for closure of Unit at the Royal Hospitals It can be exclusively revealed that the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has imminent plans to close the Elliot Dynes Regional Rehabilitation Centre at the Royal Hospitals. Pat Lawlor, West Belfast Socialist Party representative, described the move as “part of a series of stealth attacks on the health service”.


Mr Lawlor added “Elliot Dynes is a unique unit, which provides rehabilitation to mainly older patients who have suffered serious debilitating conditions such as strokes. The decision to close the centre is outrageous and will have a devastating impact on the recovery necessary by the people in need of these services, many of whom are extremely vulnerable”.

“Staff at the unit have been left in limbo, and there is a lot of anger at this move. Workers feel they may be forced to transfer anywhere in the Belfast Trust or face losing their job.”

“Ominously this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the Assembly Executive’s programme of slashing public spending, cuts are already taking place across the Belfast Trust with dire consequences for staff and patients. And if the main parties get their way, there is much worse to come. I would also like to challenge Councillor Tom Hartley, who receives £5-10k per year as a member of the board of the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, to publically justify these cuts.”

The Socialist Party is campaigning to raise public awareness of these cuts and to mobilise staff and the local community against attacks on the health service in the coming months.


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