The ‘Great Recession’ has already led to millions of jobs being lost across the world. According to the International Labor Organisation, in the US alone 7.2 million jobs have been lost in less than two years. In Northern Ireland, the speculation and profiteering of wealthy business people and property developers has led to a jobs massacre, particularly in construction. The real number of people unemployed is 111,000 when you include those classified as being economically inactive but looking for work. That means unemployment now stands at 14%!

Offical unemployment amongst young people stands at 19%. In working class areas, the figure is higher. That is the price working class people are paying for the crisis which the spivs and the rich have caused.

Because of the recession and the massive bail-out of the banks, the British economy is now left with enormous debt. All the parties in Westminster are united in agreement that working class people will be made pay the price by carrying out major cuts to public services, including attacking those on benefits.

The results of these cuts will be devastating. It will mean closures of hospitals, schools and other essential services people rely on, especially those in financial hardship.

Locally, all the parties in the Assembly Executive are carrying out right-wing policies of cuts and privatisation of services. £10bn is expected to be awarded to big business as a result of the privatisation policies so far agreed by all the parties in power in Stormont. The cuts which are being implemented today were decided BEFORE the world recession.

Workers, young people and communities must get organised to defeat the cuts. Major cuts to the public service will result in a devastating collapse of the economy in the North, because of the weakness of the private sector. The Socialist Party is calling on the leadership of the trade unions to call a one-day general strike involving public and private sector workers agaist job losses and cuts. This must be the beginning of a movement to defend jobs and services.

Join the Socialist Opposition!

Without a political voice, we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back. A mass party which unites working class people, Catholic & Protestant, based on the labour movement and young people is urgently needed.

The Socialist Party has been to the fore in campaigning together with workers in struggle such as the Visteon workers and the sacked NCP workers. We play a central role in building the We Won’t Pay Campaign against water charges. We stand for replacing capitalism with a socialist society, based on a planned economy democratically run by ordinary working people to meet peoples needs, not profit.

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Across the world capitalism has been squandering enormous wealth and resources to serve the greed of the speculating MEGA-rich.  War, poverty, starvation and the destruction of our planet’s resources are happening to line the pockets of bankers, bosses and politicians.

Capitalism has been in crisis since 2008 due to the greedy gambles made by speculators. Capitalism’s solution to this is to place the consequences of their failing, wasteful system on the shoulders of young people and the workers of the world. For example, by slashing EMA, increasing tuition fees and cutting public services.

Northern Ireland: New party needed for working class

The general election in Northern Ireland looks set to be dominated by sectarian politics and deep divisions within unionism. Neither will inspire workers, Catholic and Protestant, to go and vote. Less than 43% turned out to vote in the European elections last year – an extremely low turnout by Northern Ireland standards.

Since that election, unionism has been shaken by a series of crisis and scandals. The rising threat of the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) and the Ulster Unionists pact with the Tories has caused considerable distress for the leaderships of the DUP and the UUP.


Swastika graffiti on migrant homes in Holylands condemned

Anti-racism campaigner calls for community to stand together against racism

The appearance of racist graffiti on homes of migrant workers in the Holylands area of South Belfast has been condemned by an anti-racism campaigner.

Paddy Meehan, who organised a community solidarity protest against attacks on Romanian families in South Belfast in 2009, claimed
“Several homes have been targeted with racist graffiti in the Holylands area. Swastikas and slogans such as ‘Pakis Out’ are aimed at intimidating migrant workers and ethnic minorities in the area. If these racists are allowed to continue this unacceptable behaviour people will begin to fear for their safety.