Egypt, Portugal, Spain… Youth Revolt Against Capitalism

With towering levels of unemployment, education cuts and (for those lucky to find work) squeezing of already adequate wages, young people are being hit hardest by the recession. Whilst the percentage of young people aged 18-24 officially unemployed in Northern Ireland rises above 17% (a further 62,000 16-18 year olds are unemployed) the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government continues to spend approximately £2million pounds a day on bombing Libya rather than creating jobs for young people.

Whilst the wealthiest top 1% in the UK has seen a dramatic increase in wealth since the start of the recession, worsening conditions have contributed to a sharp rise in the youth suicide rate. Belfast is amongst the highest city suicide rates in the UK. Whilst Stormont ministers are grumbling at the thought of losing their £48,000 chauffeur driven cars, many young people face being driven out of education due to expected rises in tuition fees and cuts in third level colleges. On top of those officially unemployed, a further 29% of young people are “economically inactive” – in other words, they have no job.

A combination of a lack of jobs and vicious cuts to Education Maintenance Allowance means teenagers are now more dependent than ever on their parents or guardians, who in turn are more squeezed than ever as a result of rising prices and the Assembly parties deepening cuts. At the same time, the mega-rich bankers have seen 10% salary increases to “compensate” for the slight knocks to their multi-million pound bonuses!

Young people revolt against the system

Young people across Europe though have had enough. In country after country, youth are organising on the streets demanding jobs, education and a future. Young people in Greece, Portugal, France and Spain have staged huge protests, inspired by the revolutionary movement of workers and young people across North Africa demanding fundamental change. The uprisings in North Africa have shown that mass movements of ordinary people can topple the most oppressive regimes. More and more young people are also drawing correct conclusions that the capitalist system has to go.

Socialist solutions needed

Only socialist policies can begin to deliver a future for young people. Socialist Youth demands a 35 hour working week with no loss of pay – this would create 56,000 full-time jobs in Northern Ireland. Low pay should be eliminated. We fight for an immediate rise of the minimum wage to £8 an hour and the scrapping of the youth exemptions which allows employers to pay a 16 year old up to £2.30 less than a worker over 21 for exactly the same job. Take the banks fully into public ownership under democratic workers’ control and abolish the actions of greedy bank bosses like RBS chief executive Stephen Hester who has recently been paid £2million in bonuses! The parties in Stormont are wasting £10billion in privatisation contracts when this money could be used to launch a job creation scheme to provide tens of thousands of jobs targeted at young people of all skill levels through the building and improvement of much needed housing and public services.

Socialist Youth is an internationalist campaigning group. Our sister groups are actively involved in the mass movements in Spain, Greece and France. We are involved with many groups actively opposing not just cuts to education, but also to health and other public services such as libraries. Crucially, Socialist Youth is building an alternative to the chaotic failure of capitalism – we are fighting for real change – for a socialist society to unlock the vast potential talent and skills which are wasted by the present system.

If you are interested in joining and getting active with Socialist Youth then text “Join SY” to 07821058319 today.

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Across the world capitalism has been squandering enormous wealth and resources to serve the greed of the speculating MEGA-rich.  War, poverty, starvation and the destruction of our planet’s resources are happening to line the pockets of bankers, bosses and politicians.

Capitalism has been in crisis since 2008 due to the greedy gambles made by speculators. Capitalism’s solution to this is to place the consequences of their failing, wasteful system on the shoulders of young people and the workers of the world. For example, by slashing EMA, increasing tuition fees and cutting public services.

Bloodbath Budget 22 June

Millionaire ministers savage public services

Deeper cuts, faster cuts, tougher cuts. This is what Tory chancellor George Osborne is promising in his 'austerity' budget on 22 June. He is justifying the cuts by saying that the public debt is "worse than we thought".

Lessons of Claudy

In July 1972 nine people were killed when three no-warning car bombs exploded in Claudy, a village just outside Derry City. July 1972 was the bloodiest month of the bloodiest year of the Troubles, but even then the Claudy attacks caused mass revulsion. Now a Police Ombudsman’s report into the bombs has implicated a deceased Catholic priest, Jim Chesney, in the attack. It has also alleged that the state and the Catholic hierarchy colluded to cover up his role.

NIPSA: Fighting strategy needed for members

The Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance holds its annual conference in June. It will be a controversial event as the conference must draw up a balance sheet of the year just passed and work out policy for the year ahead.

For 46,000 NIPSA members the last year has been extremely difficult. They have seen their living standards depressed by inflation, services salami sliced, a huge increase in pressure and stress in the workplace and increasing attacks on public services by right-wing Assembly politicians. The year ahead looks even worse as the Assembly politicians feel freer to press ahead with cuts now that they have the elections out of the way.