Donal O’Cofaigh for Fermanagh District Council

Donal O’Cofaigh works as an advisor to community groups across Fermanagh. Donal made headlines in 2009 when he resigned his seat on Fermanagh District Council and from Sinn Fein out of disgust with the right-wing policies being carried out by the Sinn Fein together with the other parties in the Executive. Donal has proven to be a principled fighter for ordinary people by resigning his seat and a potential career to instead help build a socialist alternative for ordinary people.

Donal has campaigned for an emergency job creation scheme to be launched by the Assembly Executive and has assisted young people in Fermanagh to fight against tuition fees and cuts to education. He has also worked intimately with community activists in both Protestant and Catholic estates and towns in Fermanagh and is currently organizing the Stop the Cuts Campaign in the county.

Donal spoke to “There is a major vacuum in politics. Many people are completely turned off by the sectarian parties who depend on resorting to finger-pointing and stirring up sectarian division to in reality deflect attention from their role in making very damaging cuts to services. They are united in implementing cuts – none of them are prepared to take a principled stand by refusing to make the cuts.

“I am determined to build mass opposition to the cuts agenda of the main parties and feel that can be greatly boosted by winning a seat on Fermanagh District Council – this time to unite the entire community against the attacks being carried out by the main parties who have failed to create jobs in Enniskillen. I am getting a lot of support from people on the ground who want to see real change, not more of the same.”

To assist in Donal’s election campaign contact 07889087906


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