CWI 10th World Congress

10th Committee for a Workers International World Congress 2010 Documents now online

  • Building the socialist movement around the world
  • World Relations
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Latin America
  • Eastern Europe and the CIS (former Soviet States)
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Housing bosses on + £100,000 salary

Housing maintenance grant budgets are being cut. Major investment in social housing is urgently needed to meet the housing needs of ordinary people. We are told there is not enough dough to go round. Well, if you happen to be a boss of housing associations, there is plenty to go round.

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Death on the rock of Gibraltar

It is twenty years since the execution style killing by the SAS of three IRA members in Gibraltar. In Northern Ireland these deaths sparked a brief but particularly bloody upsurge in violence. Over the next thirteen days a series of attacks involving the army, the IRA and loyalist paramilitaries left a further eight people dead and 68 injured.