Cameron Not Welcome!

The Northern Ireland Student Assembly (NISA) has called a protest today in accordance with the Prime Minister, David Cameron’s visit to Stormont to talk in favour of a corporation tax cut in Northern Ireland.

Under European rules on state aid to regions within nations, any cut in corporation tax would result in Northern Ireland losing at least £200 million a year in subsidies from the Westminster government as a result of adopting this proposal, and maybe rather more. At a time when Northern Ireland is already likely to suffer above average cuts in government spending, with plans to  close/downsize 2 A&Es in NI due to be released on the same date as Cameron’s visit. Far from solving its problems such a tax rate could only increase the isolation, uncertainty and cost of trading from Northern Ireland.

NISA is encouraging young people and trade unions to attend the protest as the promise of jobs from a corporation tax cut is only superficial, in a time when youth unemployment in NI stands at almost 20% (economic inactivity in youth is considerably higher), Stormont should be focusing on making education fairer to access through not increasing university tuition fees as a step towards the provision of free education and the setting up of job creation schemes, not trusting large businesses to put job provision above their increased profit margin.

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Save Mid-Ulster and Whiteabbey Hospitals

The Accident and Emergency services at the Mid-Ulster Hospital in Magherafelt and Whiteabbey Hospital in Newtownabbey closed in May. Now all patients in the Northern Trust area have to travel to the Antrim Area Hospital. The Antrim Hospital was widely accepted to be under immense pressure before these closures. The situation will deteriorate further now, with even longer waiting times for casualty treatment and even more patients spending hours or days on trolleys. Prior to this latest cutback the Northern Trust had halted more complex surgery at the Mid-Ulster Hospital and Whiteabbey Hospital and concentrated it at the Antrim and Causeway Hospitals. Both smaller hospitals are no longer acute hospitals, dealing with a full range of illness, and accessible to the surrounding population.

Socialist Party Election Launch in Enniskillen

Donal O’Cofaigh launched his campaign at an event attended by supporters in the Westville Hotel on Thursday 14th.

The event was chaired by Ciaran Mulholland, treasurer of the Socialist Party NI, and speaking was newly elected Dublin North Socialist Party TD, Clare Daly.

Clare spoke about the economic crisis in the Republic of Ireland and how ordinary people had suffered as a result of the decision to bailout bankers, speculators and bondholders. She pointed to the need for working people to campaign against these cuts and the need for social solidarity.