Billions stolen in unpaid wages

A shocking new report released by the TUC has uncovered how employers have stolen £27.4 billion last year from workers in the UK by not paying overtime.


Five million workers were found to have had their overtime unpaid, working out on average £5,400 per person – a record figure in unpaid overtime.

Northern Ireland came out as one of the worst regions, with workers likely to work 10 hours of unpaid overtime each week! It is estimated 900,000 workers worked more than 10 hours unpaid overtime a week last year.

This criminal behaviour gives lie to the arguments from bosses and politicians that “we are all in the same boat” and we all need to share the pain of the economic crisis.

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Afghanistan. Western strategy in tatters

Another grisly milestone has been reached in Afghanistan: over 300 British soldiers have now died, since the war began in 2001. The average age of those killed is 22.

No such records are kept of civilian deaths in Afghanistan. It is estimated that thousands of Afghan civilians have been directly killed due to military action, including use of air strikes by the US forces. As well as this, possibly tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have died indirectly from the war, as a consequence of displacement, starvation, disease, exposure, lack of medical treatment and violent crime.

Dawn raids on Unison branch offices

Onay Kasab is told to 'disappear'Fight the cuts, not union members

Onay Kasab (Kaz), Greenwich Unison branch secretary, was told to "disappear sharpish" by Unison bureaucrat Dan Pappiett. That is just part of the shameful scene I witnessed last Friday at 7.50am as I shook with anger. This was without doubt an attack on every one of the 3,500 members in Greenwich.

Belfast Health Trust report: under-resourced home care to replace rehabilitation unit

The Belfast Health Trust has claimed that the slashing of two-thirds of rehabilitation beds housed in the Elliot Dynes unit will be absorbed by community-based services. However, the Socialist Party has come into possession of a study entitled ‘Review of Patients in Elliot Dynes Rehabilitation Unit, Royal Victoria Hospital- December 2009’.

This review highlights the fact that a number of people became inpatients at the unit unnecessarily because these same community services, which would have been more appropriate, simply did not have the resources for them! Thus, without a huge increase in funding for these services, which the Trust management has failed to demonstrate any evidence of, the loss of beds at Elliot Dynes will be a drastic cut which will effect some of the most vulnerable in our society.