Solidarity with Belfast Telegraph Workers!

Members of the Socialist Party and Network of Trade Union Activists joined the demonstration on Saturday to support the Belfast Telegraph workers below reproduce the text of the solidarity leaflet distributed on the demonstration.

The Network of Trade Union Activists is out today to support the Belfast Telegraph workers in their struggle to save jobs and keep production in Belfast.

We wholly reject Independent News & Media’s argument that they need to scrap jobs and production in Belfast for ‘economic reasons’. This company makes £10 million profit per year from it’s Belfast operation alone!

This move is purely about profiteering. The INM empire is looking to cut costs and boost profits by moving production to Newry where staff work longer hours on a reduced rate, with no premium pay, sick pay or pension scheme in place. A victory on this issue would not only help Telegraph staff in Belfast but would assist workers in Newry to fight for better pay and conditions.

We call on all trade unionists and the union to oppose this ‘race to the bottom’ and support the Belfast Telegraph workers in their campaign to save jobs

Affiliate to the NTUA today!

The NTUA was established to build solidarity between workers in struggle, to unite trade union activists against all cuts, and attacks on our hard won terms and conditions. The Network campaigns to bulid fighting trade unions which are democratically controlled by the members.
Affiliate today as an individual or a union branch and help build a fighting network for trade union activists across all unions in Northern Ireland.

If you would like to get involved in the Network contact Susan Fitzgerald on 02890800266 or Brian Booth on 07771655853

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