Why I Joined Socialist Youth

By Casey Slevin

Although I had always been interested in politics, I didn’t know much about Socialist Youth until I read an article on the abortion pill drone protest last summer their members participated in. I had always been an adamant supporter of the non-exclusive abortion rights throughout Ireland and had always been an avid feminist. I saw Socialist Youth as a platform for those passionate about female liberation and the fight against the patriarchy and I soon after decided to contact someone for a discussion.

When I first joined, I had a limited knowledge of socialism, but after joining, through meetings and discussions, I developed as a socialist and formed relationships with other members who were always ready to help with any questions I had. I quickly concluded that socialism is the only alternative to the patriarchal nature of capitalism. Without a socialist movement fighting for the rights of all those oppressed in society such as the working class, people of colour, immigrants, and women, there can never be equality for all, as capitalism thrives on the exploitation of workers and discrimination. Although I have only been a member for a short time, the platform given to members ready to fight against discrimination through rallies, marches, stalls and discussions has been outstanding and all members are given opportunities to vocalise their beliefs through these activities.

Socialist Youth offers a radical, cross-community alternative ready to fight for the 99%, whilst the neo-liberal establishment in Stormont throw money at big corporations, breed sectarian hatred, refuse to deliver equal rights to LGBTQ+ citizens and women and cut public services for those who desperately need them. Joining Socialist Youth and strengthening the socialist movement is the only way to successfully fight against the oppressive nature of capitalism, sectarianism and discrimination in all its forms.

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