Establishment denies free access to abortion

Paddy Meehan, Socialist Party“People power campaign needed to fight for the right to choose for all women”

The Socialist Party has condemned today’s High Court ruling that women from Northern Ireland are not entitled to free abortion services in England as women in Britain do.

Paddy Meehan, a local candidate election in South Belfast, said “This ruling is a further denial of rights for women who find themseleves in unwanted pregancies, in particular working class and poor women who already face transport costs to get to Britain to access abortion services.

“It is a disgrace that well-off judges can condemn women from the North to pay out for essential health services. It shows blatantly that the establishment will not voluntarily grant rights for women. Rights such as access to abortion services will only be won on the basis of organising a mass campaign of people power to demand the right to choose for women. None of the political parties in the Stormont Executive support the right to choose and are standing in the way of abortion rights. I will do all in power to demand women should not have to wait a day longer to full and free access to abortion services.”

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