Thatcher’s brutal anti-working class legacy

Reacting to the death of Margaret Thatcher, Daniel Waldron – a spokesperson for the Socialist Party – said:

“Socialists won’t be shedding a tear for Margaret Thatcher today. We are still paying the price for her neo-liberal policies, which sewed the seeds of the economic crisis being foisted on the shoulders of ordinary people today. In a conscious war against the working class, she oversaw the destruction of industries and the devastation of communities.”

“In Northern Ireland, she had no hesitation in using brutal repressive measures and her actions served to fan the flames of sectarian division. At the same time, workers from both communities fought side by side against her attacks on jobs, trade union rights and public services. This hatred of Thatcher was reflected in the huge amount raised for the miners’ struggle in Northern Ireland”

“Although Thatcher is dead, her anti-worker political ideas live on – not just in the Tory Party, but in New Labour, the Lib-Dems and all the parties in the Assembly Executive, who are committed to cuts, handouts to big business and privatisation. The best way to mark Thatcher’s passing is to build an anti-sectarian, socialist alternative to bury her ideas.”

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Thatcher's bitter legacy

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