Socialist Party Hits Out at ‘Red Scare’ from Labour Right-Wing


The Socialist Party in Northern Ireland has hit out at scaremongering by leading Labour figures about Trotskysists “infiltrating” the party to influence events around the leadership election.

Spokesperson Daniel Waldron said:
“The right-wing of the Labour Party are in a frenzy, trying to manufacture a ‘red scare’ about Trotskyists – particularly the Socialist Party – influencing events around the leadership election. They are terrified that, because of their failures, socialist ideas are again winning significant support in a party they thought they had made safe for capitalism. The Blairites are the real ‘entryists’ in a party that was founded by socialists to fight for working class people.”

“Trotsky and his supporters led a heroic struggle for genuine socialism against the Stalinist dictatorship. In contrast, the Blairites share many of Stalinism’s anti-democratic and bureaucratic methods. They witch-hunted supporters of Militant – our forerunner – out of Labour because we won support for socialist policies through democratic means. Today, they are attempting a coup against Jeremy Corbyn despite his overwhelming mandate from Labour members.”

“It is vital that Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party is defended. But the lessons of the last period must be learned. The right-wing will never be reconciled to his leadership. Corbyn and his supporters must fight to democratise the party, in particular introduing mandatory re-selection and giving members the right to democratically remove Blairite MPs who are ideologically wedded to austerity, privatisation and war.”

“In Northern Ireland, we need to build our own anti-sectarian, socialist voice for the working class. There is a crying need for a radical alternative to the Green and Orange dinosaurs, who whip up division while they are happy to work together in slashing public services, giving handouts to big business and denying a woman’s right to choose. We need a mass party which unites ordinary people around common interests, against the bosses and the bigots.”


For further comment, contact Daniel on 07821058319.
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