Protest against cuts to EMA

emabelfastprotestmarch13Join the Protests against cuts to EMA
BELFAST – 4.30pm Thursday 14 March, Belfast City Hall
ENNISKILLEN – 1pm Saturday 9 March, The Diamond

Called by Youth Fight for Jobs & Education

What are the proposals for the future of EMA?
After a sham ‘consultation’ which most students knew nothing about, Ministers Steven Farry and John O’Dowd have announced plans to scrap the £10 and £20 EMA payments in the near future. Around 4,500 school and tech students will lose EMA entirely. Around a third of young people say they would be unable to remain in education without EMA. This cut will drive more young people onto the dole queue, when youth unemployment is already around 25%.

Why are they cutting EMA?
This is an attack on young people and their families and part of the politicians’ agenda of making ordinary people pay for the economic crisis created by the bankers and super-rich. While cutting EMA – which costs a relatively small £29 million – the Stormont politicians have ring-fenced £10 billion to fund rip-off privatisation schemes and are campaigning for huge tax cuts for big business.

I won’t be affected – why should I get involved?
If they get away with these cuts without serious opposition, the politicians will take it as a green light for even bigger cuts to EMA and education as a whole in the near future. This could mean the abolition of EMA, cuts to jobs and services, cuts to courses and an increase in tuition fees. The best way to stop the politicians from implementing further attacks is to fight back now!

Can we win?
Yes! Young people in Northern Ireland have forced the Assembly Executive back from cutting EMA before. A protest movement in late 2010 saw thousands of students – Protestant and Catholic – come onto the streets and engage in protests, occupations and civil disobedience. Faced with this opposition, the politicians backed off. If a similar movement is again built across Northern Ireland – linking up with teachers, lecturers and other education workers – we can beat them again! This protest is an important step in that direction.

What can I do?

  • Come to the protest and bring your friends and family!
  • Sign our petition and share it with your friends!
  • Get involved in the campaign and help leaflet your school or college!

For more info or to get involved – 07941841092

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