Mass meeting against cuts to Downe Hospital A&E hours

downeReverse A&E cuts and closures now

Hundreds of local people attended a packed meeting in Downpatrick last night against cuts in opening hours at Downe Hospital A&E.

Health campaigner Paddy Meehan today welcomed “this marvellous demonstration of opposition to Stormont’s health cuts and illustrates the deep anger felt by ordinary people across the North.

“Cuts in A&E hours at one hospital means increasing pressure on resource-starved hospitals elsewhere as has been seen with the crisis at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and Antrim Area Hospital.

“I completely support the call for Downpatrick and other A&E’s that have had their opening hours reduced to be kept open 24/7.

“However I would go further and call for the reopening of the Belfast City Hospital and Mid-Ulster A&E’s immediately to end this crisis.

How many more empty words and meetings can the Health Minister offer when simply reopening A&E’s could help immensely and prevent needless deaths?”

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