KPL bosses destroy 202 jobs

kplThe administration of KPL Contracts Limited has led to 202 workers being made redundant at the Dungiven based company.

The minimum redundancy packages which workers are entitled to after the banks get their money is insulting, not least because workers at KPL share no blame whatsoever for the administration. It has been reported that KPL was in massive debt due to bosses at the company speculating in the property before the collapse of the market in 2007.

Instead of running a company which 200 families relied on for a living and many others in the Dungiven area benefited from, the directors were only interested in profiteering. Workers have heard enough of politicians in Stormont about recovery of the economy.

Jobs are still being lost and Stormont is doing nothing for workers. Companies which have been destroyed by profiteers, costing jobs, should be taken into public ownership and run democratically by workers representatives, trade union reps and elected representatives. The millions handed over to private multi-nationals in grants every year by Stormont proves the money is there to defend jobs.

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