Home repossessions on the rise

982606765The number of people losing their homes in Northern Ireland is rising steeply. Home repossessions increased 15% in the last quarter of 2012 compared to 2011.

For 2012, on average 10 writs were served every day on people to vacate their properties. The numbers of people seeking advice is rising even sharper, with the Housing Rights Service seeing a 35% increase in numbers of people at risk of being evicted due to mortgage defaults.

It is estimated one-third of houses bought since 2005 are in negative equity after speculators and banks made a killing on the property boom.

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An impressive 98% of Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) members in the BT Group (BT, Openreach and EE) across Britain and Northern Ireland voted in favour of industrial action to oppose the company’s punitive changes to redundancy terms in a consultative ballot. This was on the basis of a staggering 74.2% turnout, despite Covid restrictions meaning no face-to-face organising could be done. Read more about the campaign here.

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Civil servants to demand real payrise

The failure of the DUP and Sinn Féin to agree a basis to re-establish an Executive has hampered and delayed the annual round of pay negotiations for civil servants. When it became clear that there was little prospect of the two main parties returning to partnership in government, and having consulted with members, public sector union NIPSA reluctantly entered formal pay negotiations with the NI civil service (NICS) management, submitting a 5% pay claim in July 2017. This reflected the anger of members at 7 years of pay awards below inflation.