Establishment covering up tragedies of health crisis

_72918100_colmdonaghyCampaigners today accused “the health authorities and the Health Minister have been shamefully involved in covering up the fatal consequences of their cuts”.

Health activist Paddy Meehan who organised opposition to the closure of the A&E unit at Belfast City Hospital commented “The revelations from the BBC Spotlight programme show that the impact of cuts go far deeper than what has been presented so far.

“Colm Donaghy has left the scene of a crime by taking another top job in the NHS in England leaving behind a chronic A&E crisis .

“The responsibility for the criminal state of our health service lies squarely with the Assembly Executive – they passed the budget and the austerity it contains. Their cuts must be fought to defend our health service.

“The trade unions must now call a Northern Ireland wide mass demonstration to stop the health cuts and urge the entire pubic to make their voice heard in order to end this crisis.”

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