A-Level protest organisers say “people power forced Weir’s U-turn”

The organisers of a protest today (17/08/2020) in Belfast against the statistical adjustment of exam results have reacted to Peter Weir’s U-turn on the issue.

Socialist Youth spokesperson Seán Burns said:

“Peter Weir’s belated U-turn on the ‘statistical adjustment’ of exam results is a win for young people across Northern Ireland, especially those from working-class backgrounds who were disproportionately impacted. It was the outcry from students, parents and teachers which forced this climbdown by putting pressure on politicians who were prepared to sit on their hands.”

“The reversals on the use of this biased model across the UK show that people power and protest deliver victories. We need to get organised to win on other issues, including ensuring that schools are only reopened with adequate safety measures and the necessary resources in place.”

“While we welcome this U-turn, it may be too little, too late for some young people. The authorities should intervene to support anyone who has missed out on their preferred course because of this debacle. Additional funding should be put in place to ensure that no one loses out as a result of the politicians’ mishandling of this process.”

“The disproportionate impact on working-class students reflects the broader inequalities within our education system and society as a whole, which have only been deepened by the Covid crisis. We need to invest in a future for our young people – in high quality, comprehensive and integrated education, free university places for all who wish to study, and secure jobs with living wages.”

“Given that the UK’s billionaires have increased their wealth by £25 billion since lockdown began, it cannot be argued that the money isn’t there”